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First 2 open access modules are out by Web2Learn!

One of the main activities of the BOLD project is the creation of 10 open access online modules. We are happy to announce that the first 2 modules are already published on our website!

The modules are the following:

  • Maker culture and fab innovation 
  • Crowdfunding for multilingual and intercultural purposes

Module #3 introduces Maker culture and fab innovation, promoting multilingualism and multiculturalism, and explores indicative actions for active participation in the maker movement through a presentation of case studies ascribed to this framework. It engages the public with the most important definitions and advancements within the maker culture, providing a comprehensive framework for them to create their own makerspace.

Authors: Stavros Samiotis, Katerina Zourou

Link to the module: https://www.eu-bold.com/maker-culture-and-fab-innovation/ 

Module #5 explores crowdfunding for linguistic variety in various learning and educational settings. It highlights its social value and potential for multilingual purposes, its objectives, and tools, finally exploring case studies of successful crowdfunding campaigns for linguistic variety. The goal of this module is to enhance participants’ understanding of crowd initiatives, equipping them with tools for developing their own crowdfunding campaign specifically tailored for linguistic purposes.

Authors: Stefania Oikonomou, Stavros Samiotis, Katerina Zourou

Link to the module: https://www.eu-bold.com/crowdfunding-for-linguistic-variety/ 

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