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10 Open Access Modules in Progress

One of the main activities of the BOLD project, included in WP3, is the creation of 10 Open Access Modules. Their creation is progress with the contribution of all partners. Here we present their titles:

Α. Multilingual and intercultural citizen science (Web2Learn)

Β. Grassroots innovation for linguistic advocacy (Web2Learn)

C. Maker culture and fab innovation (Web2Learn)

D. Open linguistic data and open linguistic governance (Web2Learn)

E. Crowdfunding for multilingual and intercultural purposes (Web2Learn)

F. Linguistic equality as a basis for social and educational justice (University of Hamburg)

G. Designing social action with and for a multilingual and intercultural society (Autonomous University of Madrid)

H. Activism for minority and minoritized languages (University of Groningen)

I. Using co-modal teaching and learning for social engagement and multilingual citizen science (University of Aix Marseille)

J. Linguistic and cultural management in border regions (Universidade de Aveiro)

All the modules will be available online in January 2024.

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